Every once in a while a product comes along that helps to define an industry standard. The Wenger Swiss military watch is that product. It helped to lead the way showing that you could have a functional and practical timepiece, that looked and felt good to wear. Gone with the days are oversized bezels and inferior materials. Wenger established themselves as an industry and innovation leader.

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Wenger Watch Company was founded in 1923 by the Wenger Family. Their goal was to provide costumers with a truly unique and quality product. They pushed the boundaries of innovation continuously over the past nearly 100 years. During this time they have gained the trust and respect of many around the globe. Each and every watch receives the highest quality materials and unrivaled quality control. On top of everything else their costumer service is fantastic and quick to respond. Their return and repair policies are fair and help to ensure, you, the consumer is always satisfied. Today, Wenger gives back much of its income to charities and community events. Furthermore they believe in bettering not only their watches, but also mankind. They are a top rate brand with a top rate product.

Silver Dial

This is the most popular Wenger Swiss military watch. As you can see from the picture it is a round analog watch with leather strap. The strap is made from genuine leather in a beautiful brown/burgandy color that radiates in the sunlight. The case is finely crafted from stainless steel which makes it very difficult to dent or scratch. The dial window is composed of different minerals for absolute strength and scratch resistance. The movement is Swiss quartz which is very accurate and lasts a very long time before the battery needs to be replaced. The overall diameter is 40mm. This puts it on the large size of average and should fit most men perfectly.

In terms of price you can expect to pay between $100-$200 for most Wenger models. This puts them in a very affordable category while still retaining the highest of qualities. We have found that Amazon has some of the lowest prices while retaining the highest levels of costumer service.

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Classic Executive

The Classic Executive is another very popular model made by Wenger. This is a more flashy and eye catching version which has a stunning rose gold bezel. Similar to the Silver Dial it has a stainless steel casing that is on the larger side of average. Furthermore it does also operate as Swiss Quartz. However the dial window is made of synthetic sapphire which is very clear, sharp, and strong. Furthermore the dial color is a bright white which helps to bring attention to the rose gold.

For price it is quite inexpensive for what it is. You can expect to pay in the $100 range for this model. This is very reasonable and affordable.

Overall this is a very nice watch that would make the perfect gift for yourself or to a family member or friend.

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