In 2013 MVMT was founded by two young men who envisioned taking over the industry by storm. They did just that with their new age style and minimalistic design. Their unique and simple designs combined with affordable prices immediately resonated with the younger generation. Before they knew it they were sold out and had to look for new investors and manufacturers. Today, just a few years later they have solidified themselves as a brand to be reckoned with. Let’s take a look at the MVMT watch review.

MVMT Classic

From the moment I got it out of the box I knew this was something special. It’s lightweight but you can tell it had a firm construction and was well put together. Not any of that made of plastic junk from China. I showed it to my wife and she also liked the way it looked. Quickly I put it on and took it out for a night on the town. Being honest I was trying to bring attention to my wrist and to gather my friends and strangers opinions. Received plenty of thumbs up assuring me that my judgement was good and made the right decision. It works very well with jeans and a t-shirt and I think that’s how the creators meant it to be worn. I’m expecting it to become one of my daily wearers especially to events where this is a higher risk of damage.

Now I want to be clear about a few of the negatives. They have been known to malfunction after a year or so. This is not always the case but I believe you should be aware of the failure rate. Still for such a low price it is easily replaceable if that does end up happening.

Overall this is a great beginners model which looks good and will get your style points. Their definitely are better brands out there that accomplish a lot more but have a much higher price. For example, Tissot being a bit more expensive will provide you with a similar look and feel with a higher quality and less odds of becoming defective.


  • Amazing look and feel.
  • Stainless steel casing.
  • Affordable.
  • Japanese quartz(battery power).
  • Decent quality leather.


  • Mineral glass(inferior to sapphire).
  • In rare cases it may malfunction after six months to a year.

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MVMT watches are typically priced between $100-$200. We consider this to be very fair and a good value. Furthermore, we used Amazon for our purchase as they offer great pricing and shipping options. Unfortunately, MVMT has decided to stop using Amazon for their products. While you can still buy them and find sales from third parties, your warranty will be likely void.