wooden watch There is nothing quite like the beauty of well finished wood. It has a distinct look, color, and pattern that can’t be found anywhere else. When combined with the classic look and style of a watch, something magnificent is born. A stylish and unique looking timepiece that will turn heads wherever you go. Now, let’s take a look at the best wooden watches.

Were going to mostly focus on men’s accessories. If you want to learn more about women’s wooden watches, please click here. However, there is still great information you should read on this page first.

1. Original Grain Rosewood

original grain wood watch review

Original Grain is one of the industry leaders in the wood watch craft. They strive to come up with new and unique ideas to push the boundaries of what they can create. This is their most popular model and masterpiece. The Rosewood.

This is our personal favorite due to the rich blend of vibrant color with the stainless steel. It looks better in person than it does in pictures. The stainless steel also adds an extra layer of durability and strength. The movement is quartz which is standard. Mechanical would be far too complex and costly to put into a wooden watch.

The steel and wood are both water resistant to keep your timepiece safe while taking showers or a dip in the pool. The glass is constructed from a high quality mineral crystal to protect it from scratches.

Overall this is a fantastic buy and we cannot recommend it enough for those looking to try something new and unique.

As an added bonus, for every watch Original Grain sells, they plant 10 trees.

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2. Treehut Men’s Walnut & Ebony

best wooden watch

This watch oozes masculinity with the contrasting ebony and walnut colors. The added green second hand breathes a little life and nature into what is otherwise a very dark watch.

Similar to the Original Grain, this model has the standard Japanese Quartz movement. Very accurate and long lasting but every 3-4 years the battery will need to be replaced. The glass is composed of various minerals and while strong, isn’t the highest quality glass. It is very scratch and break resistant but remember to not get too carried away.

As far as water resistance goes we suggest not risking anything more than a quick dip in the pool. For best results remove before entering.

The only negative we found was in Treehut’s lack of good quality assurance. While 99/100 may come out fine we think a 1% failure rate is too high.

Overall this is another good wood watch but it is not without its drawbacks.

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3. Woodie Specs Handmade Sandalwood

woodie specs handmade sandalwood wooden watch


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Different Types of Wood:

The most popular and reliable types of timber. Known for their durability, density, and robust colors. I suggest sticking to these tried and true staples.

  • Rose – Refers to any number of richly hued timber. Often gives a breathtaking reddish brown color that looks fantastic with polish.
  • Ebony – A very dense and black color. Pairs very well with dress clothing and those who prefer the darker colors.
  • Verawood – A dense and strong timber. Commonly found in cabinetry and the like. Known for its lovely and unique patterns.
  • Maple – As decorative as it is strong. It is the wood of choice for many industries including bats, bows, and bowling pins. The color is lighter than the darker rose wood but not nearly white.
  • Walnut – A strong and dense wood that has a dark brown coloring. Very easy to carve intricate designs into it. Beautiful when using the right kind(center cut is darker and looks better).
  • Sandalwood – Heavy and fine grained makes it great for intricate designs. Looks amazing when polished.
  • Bamboo – Not actually a tree but a grass. It is very strong and very flexible. Has a light color and smooth texture. Not the best looking material but cheap and resilient. Due to it’s incredibly fast growth and resiliency, this is the most Eco-friendly material.

Realistic Expectations:

The unfortunate truth is that these watches are not meant to last forever. The wood will slowly become more and more damaged through regular wear. However, good upkeep will increase the lifetime dramatically. You can expect a quality wood watch to last 4-5 years up to 6-8 with very good maintenance. These will never be a replacement for good old fashioned metal when it comes to durability and longevity.

The Do’s and Don’ts

  • While wearing the watch in the shower or pool likely wont have a big adverse affect, wearing to the beach will. Salt water will seep into the wood and cause bloating and possibly corrosion.
  • Don’t use these wooden watches for outdoorsy trips. The sweat from your skin and the sun will likely have adverse affects in your watch. Besides you probably want something a little more robust and reliable.
  • Do take care of it as you would any other piece of wood furniture. It may need touch ups and regularly cleaning to stay looking

If you can get past these few rules please do make the purchase. They are truly stunning and remarkable timepieces. On more than one occasion I have been complimented or asked about my watch.

Wood Watches For Sale

These are the best and most fairly valued wood watches currently on the market. We suggest using Amazon as they have the cheapest prices, versatile shipping options, and an amazing costumer service department.


As long as you follow the manufacturers instructions you would be in the clear. We suggest a biweekly cleaning with a soft cloth and warm water followed by a pat dry. Furthermore every 8-12 months having it serviced by the manufacturer to ensure it continues to look, feel, and work good.

We hope that you have found our wood watch reviews helpful and informative. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please feel free to either leave a comment below or send us an email via the contact us page.