Tritium watches are growing in popularity due to its long lasting glow in the dark properties. They are especially effective as dive watches. There is a lot of mystery surrounding tritium, its uses, and what it is. That’s where I come in. I’m a watch connoisseur who has tested and owned many of the most popular brands and models. I know the ins and the outs and want to share that knowledge with you. Here is all you need to know about the best tritium watches.

The Best Tritium Watches

These watches are have all been thoroughly reviewed and examined. They will all serve you well for years and are fair valued.

Luminox Men’s 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark

First up we have the famous Luminox 3051 EVO. This is the their most popular model that was developed in the 90s to assist military personnel during dangerous night missions. Stated to be 100 times more brighter than other luminous watches. This is crucial when working in a dark environment for many hours. The case is crafted of a poluerethane materials and matching ban that gives it extra durability and abrasion resistance while on the go.

The only issue with this watch is back in 2009-1 there was some serious quality control issues. Many people were receiving counterfeited watches that were breaking down almost immediately after the purchase. Since 2012 this problem has been addressed and is back to coming from an authorized dealer.

Overall this is a great watch that has many versatile functions. The tritium is very bright and will continue to glow for 25 years.

For a more in-depth analysis of this watch and of the Luminox brand, please click here.

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Traser Men’s Classic Stainless Steel

Traser is a Swiss watch brand that specializes in crafting H3 watches. This beautifully crafted timepiece has a quartz movement system. The case is made of pure stainless steel. Furthermore the bezel is also made of steel for maximum strength and durability. It can come with three different straps depending on what you’re most interested in. The three different choices are silicone, leather, and classic steel. The water resistency is rated for up 100m or 330ft. The glass is made of premium sapphire crystal which is the most expensive and strong watch glass. In terms of illumination there is a beautiful bright blue that is constantly emitted from the hands and numerals. This can be noticed during the day when it is not very bright. At night the watch comes alive with color allowing you to easily tell the time or change different settings.

Similar to most Swiss crafted watches it exceeds all expectations while still remaining relatively affordable.

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PASOY Men’s Luminous

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What is a Tritium Watch?

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, known as hydrogen-3. It very very rarely naturally occurs on Earth. Trace amounts are produced by an interaction between the atmosphere and cosmic rays. The substance found in your watches however was manufactured. It is placed into glass tubes with a phosphorous containing materials. It then emits electrons through decay. These electrons then interact with the phosphorous material that the watch numerals and hands are made of. This reaction emits a fluorescent light in a process called radioluminescence. This is what gives the numerals and hands the glow that you see. The gas does have a limited lifespan and slowly decays to the point of becoming invisible to the naked human eye. This process takes roughly 20-25 years. It is possible to replace the tritium in your watch but that is an expensive process.

Are Tritium Watches Safe?

There are currently no known cases of someone becoming ill from tritium. The word radioactive may make you feel unsafe or worried. However, it is believed that it does not post any significant health concerns. As long as the watch remains intact it will be prevented from ever coming into contact with you. It has a very low penetration strength meaning it is highly unlikely it would ever be absorbed through skin. Furthermore it does naturally occur in small amounts and almost every human on earth will have come into contact with it previously. However if something did happen and

you ingested or inhaled this gas you should contact your governmental authority on the issue of poison control.

What To Look For In The Best Tritium Watches

Tritium watches are no different than other types of watches. The same important features in other watches are just as important with this type.


In today’s world marketers try to sell their products are for absurd prices by adding a cool or interesting looking word before the product. Tritium is no exception. In-fact when I first heard the phrase ‘tritium watch’, I assumed it was a very expensive and new type of material. I couldn’t have been anymore wrong. While these watches are sometimes slightly more expensive than the alternative, it should not be by a significant amount. Most important than it using tritium is the brand and model of the watch. Whether it has tritium or not should have little if any affect on the price.

Manufactured Date

Because tritium lasts only so long, you don’t want to purchase a watch which is old. The older the watch the less time the glow effect will continue to work in the future. We always suggest ensuring the model has been manufactured within the last year for maximum value of the tritium gas.

Tritium vs. SuperLuminova

It’s up for debate for which watch is actually better than the other. Personally, I believe it mostly comes down to preference or how much night work you do. SuperLuminova is a paint that absorbs energy from light sources. Now that sounds great but it doesn’t last very long. You will have roughly 1 hour after the light sources end for your watch to glow. Each subsequent minute reduces the glow until it becomes invisible to the human eye within a few hours. This is not practical for those of us who need the watch to glow all night. Tritium on the other hand glows 24/7 and always through the entire night. It requires no light source to power it. The issue with tritium is that it has a half-life of 12 years. This means that around 20 years into your watches life, the glow will be greatly diminished.


Maintenance is an important part of owning any quality watch. Tritium watches are no different. They need to be maintained roughly once every two years unless otherwise stated by manufacturers instructions. This will ensure your watch is working properly and will increase its lifespan dramatically. It’s a similar concept to getting your car maintenanced. Without the proper checkups you might be in for trouble in the future.

Best Tritium Watch Comparison Chart

ProductPriceReviewsWater Resistance Rating
Luminox Men's 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark$$4.4/5200m
Traser Men's Classic Stainless Steel$$$4.5/5100m
PASOY Men's Luminous Tritium Watch$$4.0/5100m
Traser TYPE 3$$4.0/530m
Smith & Wesson SWW-GRH-1$4.3/5100m

Wrap Up

We hope you’ve found our reviews of the best tritium watches helpful. We tried to give honest and thoughtful explanations about the various watches. Each and every tritium watch is fairly priced with plenty of features that make them a good choice for yourself or as a gift for others.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact us or leave a comment below.