A special model of watch specifically crafted for a special breed of man. The explorer, the wayward adventurer, and the pioneer. They have no time or inclination for fancy features or shiny bezels. Furthermore they require something practical, functional, and durable. That won’t break down at the first sign of mud and grit. Something to be relied upon and used as a tool to help complete the goal or obstacle. Whether purchasing for yourself or as a gift, don’t let that person down. Here are our reviews of best field watches for men.

1. Hamilton Men’s Khaki Field

hamilton mens khaki field watch

Hamilton watches top our list with their Khaki model. The case is pure titanium. Meaning it is extremely strong and durable while remaining lightweight and comfortable. It’s coated with a PVD for added protection, the unique matte light absorbing look, and higher resistance to corrosion.

The crystal glass is sapphire. This is strongest and most scratch resistance material used. The hands are painted with Superluminova which will give them a bluish glow for easy reading even in the dark. On top of everything else it is also water resistant to 100m. Making it suitable for surface water sports and snorkeling.

The movement is an automatic self wind which only the finest watchmakers use. It is very accurate and will only need to be serviced every five years or so. If you enjoy the finer things life has to offer, then this might just be for you.

While it is the most expensive product on our list, it is a worthy investment. The watch will serve you well for years to come. With proper maintenance and care it will last a lifetime of hard use.

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2. Seiko Men’s Mechanical Alpinist

seiko alpinist review

The Seiko Alpinist is a absolutely beautiful watch that operates fantastically. The case is 38mm in diameter and composed of stainless steel. The strap is made from a most unusual alligator leather. It’s soft and the deep rich brown helps to bring out the green of the face. We were completely floored at how good it looked in person.

The crown is screw in which help to blocks dust and mud from finding their way inside. It is water resistant to 200m making it great for surface sports. While it could be worn diving I would not recommend it. For that I would suggest a more appropriate article on dive watches.

In terms of price it is more affordable the Hamilton while still remaining premium quality. With this automatic self winding movement and synethic sapphire glass. It’s rare that a watch of this price would have this type of winding or glass. Seiko has really outdone themselves in terms of value and looks with this model.

Overall this is a great product that is valued very very fairly.

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3. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Field

citizen eco drive field review

The Citizen Eco-Drive is a much more affordable and simple model than the others. Despite it’s price it still manages to look good and have many of the features that you will need. Citizen is a company that has been around for a long time and they know how to make a quality product.

The case is the standard stainless steel and measures 37.2mm in diameter. The strap is a dark military green canvas material. It’s surprisingly comfortable and holds up well even in very wet conditions.

It uses a Japanese Quartz movement that is very accurate but the battery will need to be replaced every 3-4 years. The glass is mineral crystal so it will be fairly strong and scratch resistant.  Furthermore it has 100m of water resistance.

Overall this is a better than average product at an unbeatable price. We can only recommended it and it’s users reviews are also great. Check it out below.

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4. Seiko Automatic

seiko affordable mens field watch

The Seiko Automatic is honestly the best valued watch we have ever seen. At such a modest price it packs a huge punch. Similar to the others its case is composed of stainless steel. It measures 35mm in diameter putting it on the small side of average. The band is a nice canvas green that matches the face perfectly. However, the glass is mineral and not sapphire. The inferior glass combined with the smaller size helps to keep the cost down and easily affordable.

If you plan on really abusing your watch and think it will be getting banged up consistently, we suggest this Seiko. They are a great brand and this is their cheapest and most replaceable model. Just because the price is low doesn’t mean it is terrible or won’t work. On the contrary it is built to withstand the harshest abuse.

What really blows us away with this is the automatic movement. Typically reserved for watches over $400, this came as a huge surprise. Seiko has once again overdone themselves and beaten the competition.

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5. Bertucci A-2T Vintage Field Watch

bertucci vintage titanium

Bertucci is a lesser known brand that is relatively new compared to the others. However, despite there young age, they have managed to make a big splash. They specialize in making durable and tough field watches. What we really liked was their patented matte finish that really gives off a unique look.

The case material is titanium which surprised us considering the low price. The A-2T is very lightweight with a good quality feel to it. It’s larger than most at 42mm but fits well on most wrists. The glass is a hard mineral giving it decent scratch resistance. It is water resistant up to 100m. The hands and numerals are luminous and will glow quite bright in the dark. The movement is quartz which is too be expected from a timepiece at this price level.

Unfortunately, the nylon band it comes with is not the most comfortable. However this is easily replaceable from a watch store or on Amazon itself.

Overall if you’re looking for something a little bit off the beaten path than this is a great alternative. It also helps to support a U.S. brand which is just finding their bearings.

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What Is A Field Watch?

A field watch is a smaller to moderate sized model that is often military inspired. Known for their unmatched legibility, accuracy, and numeral typography. They are simple of design yet elegant in their own way. Every man should own one and wear it with pride.

What To Look For In The Best Field Watches:

Here are the most important things to look for before making a purchase.


The prices will vary wildly depending on the type of movement and durability your looking for. For example, titanium casing will be much more expensive than steel. Sapphire glass will be much more expensive than mineral. Furthermore, movement has a big part to play in price. Automatic and mechanical are considered far more premium and the cost will show it.


With so many new brands popping up everyday it’s difficult to keep track of which are worthwhile and which are just trying to make a quick buck. In our field watch reviews we tend to stay away from new brands that have been untested in terms of quality and customer service. While there are some diamonds in the rough that we will take note of.


Sapphire crystal is the most expensive and also the strongest. The only thing rated strong is diamond. It is not used for the protective glass for the obvious reasons. It would not be practical and the cost would skyrocket.


No one wants their new and shiny toys to break down at the first sign of heavy wear or use. We don’t only look at the materials used but also how the company reacts to servicing, refunds, and replacements. If they won’t stand behind their products why should you?