Chronograph watches have been around since the early 1800’s. Invented for the purpose of working with astronomical equipment and taking precise measurements. It was quickly discovered that this device has many practical uses outside of astronomy and science. All manner of industries and people needed them. While they were important in all manner of industries, they were particularity important for the military and aviators. They became a staple for artillery men and they were added to all pilot watches. Over the years they have become a practical fashion statement. The best chronograph watches are a combination of functionality with style. Here are our recommended top picks.

Here is our list for the top picks. Ranked by functionality, style, price, and overall value.


What is a Chronograph Watch?

Chronograph watches are a specific type of watch that is used as a display watch and stopwatch. They can be started, stopped, and returned to zero with the simple press of a button. In the modern day they are primarily used in sports to help precisely determine speed or distance.  Furthermore they are helpful for people attempting to increase sport performance.

Chronograph Watch Price

Like most products, there is a very wide range of prices. If you need a chronograph capable of accurately and efficiently tracking we suggest staying over $200. While there are plenty of less expensive models, they simply won’t be accurate. Furthermore they are more likely to be made of poor materials and break or malfunction in the future. Another point to consider is how the chronograph watch looks and feels. Lesser quality products will have an unfashionable look and cheap feel. Rest assured that each and every product we reviewed is well worth the money.

The Brands to Look Out For

These are the most popular chronograph watch brands. They offer their own unique twists while retaining the elegant beauty and functionality you expect.

  • Hugo Boss
  • Seiko
  • Tissot
  • Citizen
  • Festina
  • Armani

Wrap Up

We have covered a wide range of the best chronograph watches. Focusing not just on the best selling or most expensive models, instead looking for those who offer real value. Value in how they function and how they look and feel. Each and every one would make a great gift.

We have also explored the history and design of these remarkable timepieces. Hopefully you have found this as fascinating as we did.

Although our reviews mainly concentrated on the more affordable sub $500 brands. There are plenty to choose from which go above and beyond this price. They can also be found through our links.

We hope that you have found our reviews not only helpful and informative, but also an lightening read on the world of chronographs.